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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it can be overwhelming.

I've taken the class in the past. Can I take a shorter class to renew it?

According to the regulations set by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. renewals are only possible if:

1- Your current certification is BLS Healthcare professional.

2- Your work requires you to do hands-on CPR very frequently (e.g. hospital code team).

3- Your certification is still valid at the moment you take your renewal class.

BLS renewals MUST be done yearly (even if your card says otherwise).

Which course is for me?

The first thing to know is if you need CPR only, or if you need CPR + first aid.

I only need CPR. Which one is for me?

If you are not a healthcare professional working in potential emergency situations (e.g. nurse), then you need CPR level C. Please double check with us or with your employer!

I need both CPR + first aid. Which one is for me?

We offer the Emergency first aid (8hrs), tailored to your needs. This course also includes anaphylaxis and how to use an Epi-pen. The Standard first aid course is only offered to groups of 4 people or more.


If you need a CNESST approved Standard first aid course, we unfortunately do not offer it (even though the content is identical). Please contact us to get excellent recommendations! We'll hook you up ;)

Does your CPR class include AED? What about CPR for babies?

Yes. All of our classes include AED, as well as infants (babies).

I'm a healthcare professional, but not a nurse. Which course is for me?

The Heartsaver CPR level C course covers CPR and the usage of AED, including infants. As a general rule of thumb, this meets the requirement of your professional order. Please double check with us/them though!

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