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FIRST AID for school

(group bookings)

Made for our clients who work in a school environment such as teachers, monitors, assistants or other staff, you will learn first aid skills that will be useful around children who play a lot in the school yard and practice many sports and activities.


  • HeartSaver® CPR for adult, child, and infant

  • Obstructed airway procedures

  • How to intervene as a first responder

  • Secondary survey

  • Full pain evaluation

  • How to control bleeds and other injuries (burns, cuts, etc.)

  • Broken bones, sprained joints, muscle strains

  • Common medical problems (asthma, allergies, etc.)

  • Scenario practice

Duration: 8hrs

Hybrid format: 3 hours online + 3 hours practical

Certification: Heart and Stroke Foundation (3 years)

Cost: Variable (according to group size)

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